The Disruptors

"Most people are scared of taking the first step towards entrepreneurship. But if they don't take the risk, then they wake up 40 years later, regretting it. It is better to try, fail and learn...I urge people to take those risks and pursue the career they really want to pursue because as life goes on it becomes more difficult. Younger people don't know the rules yet so that makes it much easier for them to break them and make their own. I think that's where disruptive thinking takes place."

Lauren Bush Lauren, FEED Projects

Embrace Failure

Disruptors demystifies startups and disproves the myth of the overnight success story. Within the pages of Disruptors are the stories of bold risk-takers, dreamers and escapees that sought to create a life for themselves away from the confines of conformity. Unlike the tailored press releases highlighting the successes of rare outliers, Disruptors highlights the early failures and heartbreaks of a series of individuals that craved more from their professional careers. With stories of bankruptcy and years of trials and tribulation, Disruptors provides its readers with the inspiration to choose the difficult, but rewarding, career path while embracing each stage of the journey. The men and women featured in Disruptors operate in diverse industries including social impact, technology, fashion and media but their resilience to find fulfilling work remains constant.

Disruptors was written by Kunal Mehta after he exchanged his job on Wall Street for a career in social impact and entrepreneurship. Early on, Kunal sought to document and understand the failures, criticism and heartbreaks likeminded individuals face in their journey towards self-actualization. Disruptors and Kunal Mehta's work has gone on to be featured at over 50 universities across the country, is used as course material in classes and acts as a guide for corporate escapees searching for more fulfillment from their work. To read reviews of Disruptors or to purchase a copy, visit the Disruptors page on Amazon.



Reader Response

"Highly recommended. Every high-achieving graduate with lofty goals should read Disruptors. Disruptors is a series of real interviews and actual examples of alternative career paths. As someone who studied finance and pursued a consulting job that paid well but left much to be desired in terms of fulfilling work, this book directly spoke to many of the things I felt. It clarified many of the thoughts I was wrestling with, and gave me tangible examples of what my next steps could be.If you're feeling lost in your career, this book uses realistic examples to provide you with the direction and motivation to move forward."

"Insightful, thought-provoking, and honest. It is exactly what aspiring entrepreneurs look for and need to hear. It is difficult in this day and age to identify with "successful" people who seem to randomly have massive success overnight. Kunal dismisses that theory and gives raw examples and real quotes of the struggles that we might encounter. It is refreshing to know there are many more Ben Milnes than there are Mark Zuckerbergs. It gives me hope, understanding, and realistic plans of action."

Supported by Readers

Corporate escapees, aspiring entrepreneurs, avid readers and friends helped bring Disruptors to bookstores across the country. The Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded in 2013 and helped support the cover design and editing.