Finding Genius

Finding Genius sheds light on the men and women that identified and financed the most important social and technological disruptions of our generation. Within the pages of Finding Genius will be the stories of the venture capitalists, impact investors and angels instrumental in scaling entrepreneurial ideas from a sketch on a napkin to important technological ventures (Uber, Snapchat, Instagram, Airbnb) or social impact endeavors bringing energy, water, education and food to those most in need. 

As droves of aspiring entrepreneurs continue to enter the realm of startups, how do discerning investors block out the noise and identify the next wave of disruption? What qualities of entrepreneurs or concepts stand true? Is there a randomness to these investments or a predictive trend that entrepreneurs can learn from? 

The stories in Finding Genius will search for these answers through the candid stories, failures and successes of the risk-takers behind the greatest entrepreneurs of our generation. 

The Financiers